– Watan factory was founded in 2010
– Watan is the first Factory in the Middle East
manufacturing all kinds of Surgical Instruments and equipment which used in Operating Rooms …
– Watan Factory manufacturing the following products:
General Surgical Instruments
Dental Surgical Instruments
Plastic Surgical Instruments

Watan Factory

Manufacturing the most fineness surgical Instruments Quality that matching the Doctors and Surgeons need & desired.
Our Mission
– To make Watan Factory just the first in the GCC in order to supply all medical sectors as well as assisting and supporting the Medical Education Sectors.
– To make a long strategical partnership with Doctors & surgeons in order to convert them Concepts to really products.
Our Vision
The factory is fullyequipped with the most modern machinery setup like Mounting, treat treatment,chemical processes and free contaminated environment beside it has adequate testing facilities by the highly skilled and most experienced craftsmen / technicians.


It is a team adventure, which began with a challenge and ended with the Watan, thus realizing the dream, where we talking about the inheritance of ancestors led us to a Saudi product industry that we cherish. In this great and wonderful country we have knowledge and science, as well as we are having a fully qualify human forces which absolutely managed by well experience economic leadership, all we need is another adventure to settle a new industry. For our part, we are still at the beginning of the way with what has been achieved ..It makes us insist on planning and seeking with all our colleagues in the industrial sectors to accelerate achieving our vision of all of us (Vision 2030).